Jay-Z Talks About Blue Ivy Performing With Beyoncé

Jay-Z Talks About Blue Ivy Performing With Beyoncé

Jay-Z was recently interviewed on CBS Mornings with Gayle King and he opened up about his oldest daughter, Blue Ivy. He discussed her name, her involvement in her parents’ music, and how she’s growing up.

Jay-Z praised Blue Ivy for her involvement with her mother Beyoncé’s music. He said that it was a great experience for her and that she was excited to be part of her mom’s work. “She came in and she did the ad-libs on one of the records, ‘Brown Skin Girl.’ She was so excited, she was jumping up and down,” he said.

Jay-z also spoke about the origin of her name. He explained that he and Beyoncé wanted to give their daughter a name that was unique and meaningful. He said that the name was inspired by his favorite color, blue, and the ivy plant, which stands for faith and resilience.

Jay-Z also shared some of his thoughts on Blue Ivy’s growth and maturity. He said that he and Beyoncé have seen a lot of changes in her in the past few years. He said, “Watching her grow, it’s amazing. She’s growing into a beautiful, confident young woman.” He added that he is proud of her and of the person she is becoming.

The interview also touched on Blue Ivy’s aspirations and future plans. Jay-Z said that Blue Ivy has expressed an interest in music and film, and he said that he would be supportive of her no matter what she decides to pursue. He said, “She’s a big person. She’s done so much already. Whatever she wants to do, I’m gonna support her.”

Jay-Z is clearly very proud of Blue Ivy and her accomplishments. He said that he and Beyoncé are very proud of the young woman she is becoming and that they are excited for her to pursue her dreams.

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